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It’s about discovery… It’s about helping you find better ways to look after you. It’s about finding what you need – whether that’s physiotherapy, massage, pilates, tips to improve your running style; a group of friends to head out for a run with; motivating you to be the best version of you; understanding the food you’re fuelling your body with; building resilience through meditation and yoga; or inspiring you to take that new class.


It’s about understanding the effects of what we do to our bodies – training, eating, sleeping, thinking and re-charging. It’s about changing old habits and starting new ones we love.


We are passionate about health & wellness and we want you to be as well.


Come join us on this journey,

                    Stu & Tania

Health & Wellness

At Olympic Physiotherapy + Wellness Room, we provide multiple resources and services to help you maximise your health and wellness. We Look after…

Sports Injuries . Low Back Pain . Neck Pain . Shoulder Pain  . Ankle Sprains . Post Surgical Rehab . Postural Dysfunction . Running Injuries & much more


To maximise your path through recovery + resilience we also provide the following…

Pilates . Muscle Balance Assessment . Running Biomechanics Assessment . Strength Training . Coaching & more

Our Blog

Take some time and explore some of the insights, stories and gems from the team here at Wellness Room

Brain Highway

Do you ever wake up in the morning to your alarm blaring? You get an initial fright, press snooze, drift in and out of sleep with ...

Non-Grasping (Aparigraha)

Goal setting is great. It gives you focus. It can help you decide what actions to take when you have a decision to make. It can st...

Creative Alternatives

Nowadays, we see everywhere food is served: ‘the alternative option’. There are so many different ingredients finding their way in...

Self Care

I recently returned from Bali. It was so luxurious. So indulgent. I got massages. I didn’t have to make my bed. All my food ...


Gait is the way in which we move our whole body from A to B. Most often this is done by walking and running. Gait analysis is used...

The Summit Club

There’s something about the trees. About standing on the earth, without being separated from it by a layer of concrete. Abou...

Thai Wellness

My fingers are fumbling over the keyboard after some golden holiday time off in Aotearoa. I’m sure I hear “Amen” all over the plac...

Hara Hachi Bu

Our Western world is brilliant and bustling. Full of colour, convenience, creativity and, just to continue my alliterations, consu...

Make fibre your best friend

I purposely did not entitle this piece “Gut Health” because literally every nutrition article I see on social media surrounds this...

Challenge Accepted: Meditate

The Challenge: Meditate Every Day for Thirty Days As you may be sensing, I’m good at doing something for a short period of time. I...

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 Run Squad offers key services to get you to your running peak. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a training for your first 5km run, Run Squad provides a fun and supportive environment. Find out more about our community sessions focusing on running technique, general strength and core stability.



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